The Case for Tackling One Cancer at a Time

While having generated a lot of buzz recently, early screening for multiple types of cancer at once may not be that ideal in practice- the path to clinical adoption could be taking on one cancer type at a time. In a perfect world, a simple blood test would catch all...

The Cancer Microbiome Relationship

One of the most promising developments in cancer research originates with the microbiome If there is one area of cancer research that is causing a lot of excitement, it’s the link between the disease and the microbiome, and with good reason: it presents an opportunity...

What is the microbiome?

In our bodies, to make our microbiome, we have more than 100 trillion microbes, including bacteria and viruses, outnumbering our normal cells by up to 10 to one. In fact, if you look at the genes in our bodies, we are only about 1% human, as most of our DNA is either...

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